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Introducing The Palm Harbor ‘Canes, a dynamic and ambitious local travel Baseball and Softball Club ready to make their mark on the diamond. Led by a dedicated coaching staff with a wealth of experience, The ‘Canes pride themselves on a comprehensive approach to the sport. Our players receive top-notch training, honing their skills in every aspect of the game; from batting and fielding to pitching and base running.

We incorporate strength and conditioning into our training routines. With a focus on technique, strategy, and teamwork, we strive to develop well-rounded athletes who excel both individually and collectively. 

As a local travel team, we relish the opportunity to represent our community with pride. The ‘Canes will actively engage in community outreach programs, using the power of baseball to give back and make a positive impact. We believe in the importance of being role models and inspiring the next generation of athletes, instilling in them a love for the game and the values it represents. When The Palm Harbor ‘Canes take the field, expect to witness a display of skill, determination, and unwavering passion. 

We are ready to face any challenge, to push our limits, and to reach new heights together. Join us on this exciting journey as we embark on a season filled with exhilarating moments, unforgettable victories, and the pursuit of our shared dream.

Be part of The Palm Harbor ‘Canes legacy, as we make our mark on the local travel baseball scene and inspire a new generation of players.

Tryouts will be June 29th & July 3rd for Baseball 13U

'24 Fall Travel Ball Tryouts


13U Baseball 


**Dates Subject to Change**

June 29th: 9 AM- 11 AM

@ Our Lady of Lourdes Catholic Church

July 3rd: 7 PM - 9 PM

@ The Farm of Palm Harbor

The 'Canes have partnered with the "The Farm" to bring the best training available to our local thriving ball players. As we all work together to see our local fields get redesigned to fit Palm Harbors needs, "The Farm" will be home to the Palm Harbor 'Canes where we will prepare these athletes for Higher levels of play.

"The Farm" is a non-profit sports training facility dedicated to taking young athletes to the next level. The farm's overall mission is to be a leading pillar in the "redevelopment of Sunderman Complex."

Palm Harbor 'Canes

For Information Please email

Phone: 727-222-3769